is a fast growing free online business directory launched in Guyana in April 2020 by three owners, a Canadian, an American – both originally from Guyana and a Guyanese. is an innovative online business directory designed to meet the needs of all businesses (from the smallest to largest) and people of the Guyanese community during these difficult and changing times.  The aim is to provide a free, simple and safe website where Businesses, Non-profit Organizations and Government Services can be found in a new and innovative way.


This website will assist the Caribbean community in transitioning into the digital era.  ‘Snap’ was created based on research and experience to assist our Caribbean family through this process; making it more efficient, convenient and safe for businesses, organizations and consumers.  Businesses will now have better visibility and the people of Guyana will be more efficient and informed shoppers and also have an increase awareness of NGO services in their community. provides a marketplace that connects the Guyanese community locally and regionally whereby users can easily and safely utilize their company/businesses Google or Facebook account to login. allows businesses to increase brand visibility and awareness, enter new marketplace, increase their website traffic, build business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) relationships. They also provide an opportunity for companies to advertise using banners, located throughout the site.

Registration is simple and free! 

Step 1. Visit 

Step 2. Sign-in with your Facebook or Google account

Step 3. Follow the instructions and add your Business is fast growing and has a wide customer base in Guyana. They advertise on all the various platforms to continue growing their customer databases and provide more value to their services. provides a premium service that is free to all non-profit organizations where they’re provided with a platform to disseminate important information and services to their communities. We are committed to providing an unmatched service to the Guyanese community. Your feedback and suggestions are important for us to help maintain this commitment. Please be on the look out for new upcoming services on